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Aims of the Sustainable Program:

  • to foster in students an appreciation of the environment, their relationship with it and their responsibility for its future.

  • to develop in students the knowledge, skills, attitudes, values and commitment to initiate individual and collective responses that are environmentally conscious. 

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Welcome to
Sustainability at Empire Bay

Our goals in Sustainability

By taking these steps will have a whole school and community approach to environmental sustainability

  • identify environmental responsibility at school

  • encouraging habits, choices and behaviours that are compatible with a culture of sustainability at school and beyond.

  • provide a garden bed for every classroom and provide experiences with planning, planting, maintaining and harvesting throughout the year

  • provide Cooking experiences using a Paddock to Plate principle

  • design and establish a Bush Tucker Garden

  • Form partnerships with Environmental Education organisations and like-minded businesses and community members

  • complete a Biodiversity and Habitat survey and implement changes to improve biodiversity on school grounds

  • after carrying out a Waste Audit and make decisions about how to improve EBPS's waste management plan, we continue to improve our 'less to landfill' strategies
  • implement a Waste-free lunchbox education that leads to Waste-free Everyday
  • compost and worm-farms in place for organic waste
  • perform a water audit and make decisions to improve water conservation at EBPS

  • identify areas of energy audit and minimise energy use

  • participate in the Sustainability Events Calendar (Clean up Australia Day, Earth Hour)

  • provide a consistent and supportive climate for environmental education in the school

  • reach out to the broader community through this website, the newsletter, awareness programs, and school community involvement

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