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Kitchen Garden Program

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We have created a K-6 Kitchen Garden Program that uses existing, donated and low cost resources. We are repurposing a section of the ‘Kidz Shed’ as our kitchen for cooking purposes. This allows us to tailor this program to the unique environment at EBPS in a cost effective way. We will establish a program that allows all students during their primary years to plant, harvest and cook in every season. Each class will take ownership of their own garden bed. The students are responsible for plant choice,

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maintenance of their garden bed and recipe choice. This student-led initiative provides an authentic learning experience that can be emulated outside of the school environment.

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It is with the inspiration of parents and the many hours of help and bottomless expertise that this garden project is what it is!

A special thank-you for the years of passionate dedication from Jo, Suzie, Julie and Kim and many donations from our P&C and the wider community.

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Research is showing that kids eat more vegetables if they are growing vegetables at school!

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Students visit the chickens and learn about:

  • What living things need.

  • Life cycles

  • Where food comes from.

Year 5 students are responsible for feeding, watering and cuddling the chickens.

We have chickens enrolled at EBPS

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Cooking is an important life skill and promotes Healthy Lifestyles

and puts many theories learnt in the classroom

into practice!

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Check out                            
They participate in the paddock to plate process every year. 

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